David J. Freedman, Ph.D.
Department of Neurobiology
The University of Chicago
5812 S. Ellis Ave. MC0912, P-419
Chicago, IL 60637
Lab: (773) 834-5198


A Computational Cognitive and Visual Neuroscience Laboratory

Through experience, we learn to interpret the sights and sounds around us and to make decisions that move us closer to achieving our goals. Our ability to learn from and adapt to our ever changing environment is a foundation of complex behavior, as it allows us to make sense of incoming sensory stimuli and to plan successful actions. To study these questions, our laboratory uses advanced neurophysiological and behavioral approaches, providing insights into the brain mechanisms of visual learning, recognition and decision making.

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January 2018
A review with Guilhem Ibos in press at Neuron on spatial and cognitive functions of parietal cortex.

January 2018
Congrats to graduate student Jeff Johnston on his predoctoral Kirschstein NRSA!

May 2017
New paper in press in Journal of Neuroscience by postdoc Nicolas Masse examines frontoparietal mechanisms of spatial and non-spatial memory.

April 2017
New eLife paper in press by postdoc Guilhem Ibos examines sequential decisions in parietal cortex.

March 2017
Our new paper at Neuron examines computations underlying categorical decision making.

September 2016
FreedmanLab receives NSF-NCS BRAIN initiative funding in collaboration with Xiao-Jing Wang’s lab.

April 2016
See our Annual Review of Neuroscience on Brain Mechanisms of Categorical Decision Making.

January 2016
David Freedman receives the Troland Award from The National Academy of Sciences! Learn more here.