In the Media

News articles and publicity about our work:

The Brain’s Parietal Cortex Plays a Key Role in Decision Making. Article in UChicago Medicine News

Article in UChicago Medicine News.AI software reveals the inner workings of short-term memory. Article in UChicago Medicine News.

Researchers and Physicians Turn Their Energy to the Stage. Article in UChicago Medicine on the Midway

Brain-inspired algorithm helps AI systems multitask and remember. Article in UChicago News

David Freedman receives award for Excellence in Graduate Teaching and Mentorship from UChicago

David Freedman awarded a Vannevar Bush Faculty Fellowship from the US Department of Defense

David Freedman receives the Troland Award from the National Academy of Sciences

An article in The Daily Mail discusses our recent work on spatial and feature attention.

Freedman Lab receives BRAIN initiative funding to support work on computational mechanisms of cognition

A feature on David Freedman’s research in University of Chicago’s Medicine on the Midway

David Freedman receives the Troland Award from The National Academy of Sciences
See coverage of the award and a profile of David Freedman in Science Life

Sloan Science and Film interview with Anthony Kaufman

Chicago Tribune article by Jessica Tobacman

University of Chicago press release (2013)

University of Chicago press release (2012)

Science Life article by Robert Mitchum

Huffington Post Article by Bill Donius

An audio interview with David Freedman from the Nature Podcast:

Nature Abstractions
 interview with David Freedman from Nature Magazine

Nature News and Views by Ferrera and Grinband

Live Science Article by Sara Goudarzi

Harvard Medical School press release

Science Perspectives by Simon J. Thorpe and Michèle Fabre-Thorpe 

Nature News and Views by Hemai Parthasarathy  (PDF) 

Nature Reviews Neuroscience Highlight by Peter Collins 

MSNBC News article

ABC News article

CNN News article

MIT News Article