David J. Freedman, Ph.D.
Department of Neurobiology
The University of Chicago
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Selected Publications


Mohan K., Zhu O., and Freedman D.J.
Interaction between neuronal encoding and population dynamics during categorization task switching in parietal cortex
Neuron, 109: 700-712.

Zhou Y.*, Rosen M.C.*, Swaminathan S.K., Masse N.Y., Zhu O., and Freedman D.J.
Distributed functions of prefrontal and parietal cortices during sequential categorical decisions.
eLife, 10: e58782.


Mansouri F.A., Freedman D.J., Buckley M.J.
Emergence of abstract rules in the primate brain
Nature Reviews Neuroscience, 21: 595-610.

Cone J.J., Bade M.L., Masse N.Y., Page E.A., Freedman D.J. and Maunsell J.H.
Mice Preferentially Use Increases in Cerebral Cortex Spiking to Detect Changes in Visual Stimuli
Journal of Neuroscience, 40: 7902-7920.

Johnston W.J., Palmer S.E. and Freedman D.J.
Nonlinear mixed selectivity supports reliable neural computation
PLoS Computational Biology, 16: e1007544.
Masse N.Y., Rosen M.C. and Freedman D.J.
Reevaluating the Role of Persistent Neural Activity in Short-Term Memory
Trends in Cognitive Sciences, 24: 242-258.


Zhou Y. and Freedman D.J.
Posterior Parietal Cortex Plays a Causal Role in Perceptual and Categorical Decisions
Science, 365: 180-185.
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Masse N.Y., Yang G.R., Song H.F., Wang X.J., and Freedman, D.J.
Circuit mechanisms for the maintenance and manipulation of information in working memory.
Nature Neuroscience 22: 1159-1167.
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Masse N.Y., Grant G.D., and Freedman, D.J.
Alleviating catastrophic forgetting using context-dependent gating and synaptic stabilization.
PNAS 115: 11103-11105.
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Freedman D.J. and Ibos G.
An integrative framework for sensory, motor, and cognitive functions of posterior parietal cortex.
Neuron97: 1219-1234.


Masse N.Y., Hodnefield J.M., and Freedman D.J.
Mnemonic encoding and cortical organization in parietal and prefrontal cortices.
Journal of Neuroscience, 37: 6098-6112.

Ibos G. and Freedman D.J.
Sequential sensory and decision processing in posterior parietal cortex.
eLife, 2017;6:e23743.

Chaisangmongkon W., Swaminathan S.K., Freedman D.J., and Wang X.J.
Computing by robust transience: How the fronto-parietal network performs sequential category-based decisions.
Neuron, 93: 6, 1504-1517.


Freedman D.J. and Pesaran B.
Where are perceptual decisions made in the brain?
Trends in Neurosciences, 39: 642-644.

neuron-cover-guilhem-2016Ibos G. and Freedman D.J.
Interaction Between Spatial and Feature Attention in Posterior Parietal Cortex
Neuron, 91: 931-943.

logoFreedman D.J. and Assad J.A.
Neuronal Mechanisms of Visual Categorization: An Abstract View on Decision Making
Annual Review of Neuroscience, 39, 2016.

Sarma A., Masse N.Y., Wang X.J., and Freedman D.J.
Task Specific versus Generalized Mnemonic Representations in Parietal and Prefrontal Cortices.
Nature Neuroscience, 19: 143-149, 2016.

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Lim S., McKee J.L., Woloszyn L., Amit Y., Freedman D.J., Sheinberg D.L., and Brunel N.
Inferring Learning Rules from Distribution of Firing Rates in Cortical Neurons.
Nature Neuroscience, 18: 1804-1810, 2015.

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nature-communications-logoChoice-Correlated Activity Fluctuations Underlie Learning of Neuronal Category Representations
Engel T.A., Chaisangmongkon W., Freedman D.J., and Wang X.J.
Nature Communications, 6: 6454, 2015.


jns 2014 coverTask Dependence of Visual and Category Representations in Prefrontal and Inferior Temporal Cortices
McKee J.L., Riesenhuber M., Miller E.K., and Freedman D.J.
Journal of Neuroscience, 34: 16065-16075, 2014.

nn cover 2014A Hierarchy of Intrinsic Timescales Across Primate Cortex
Murray J.D., Bernacchia A., Freedman D.J., Romo R., Wallis J.D., Cai X., Padoa-Schioppa C., Pasternak T., Seo, H., Lee D., and Wang X.J.
Nature Neuroscience, 17: 1661-1663, 2014.

neuron cov150hDynamic Integration of Task-Relevant Visual Features in Posterior Parietal Cortex
Ibos G. and Freedman D.J.
Neuron 83: 1468-1480, 2014.

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JNS32.coverA Comparison of Lateral and Medial Intraparietal Areas During a Visual Categorization Task
Swaminathan S.K.*, Masse N.Y.*, and Freedman D.J.
Journal of Neuroscience, 33: 13157-13170, 2013.
*co-first authorship

Independent Category and Spatial Encoding in Parietal Cortex
Rishel C.A., Huang G., and Freedman D.J.
Neuron, 77: 969-979, 2013.
Chicago Tribune story about this work
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neuron_2012Jan_coverBiased Associative Representations in Parietal Cortex
Fitzgerald J.K., Freedman D.J., Fanini A., Bennur S., Gold J.I., and Assad J.A.
Neuron, 77: 180-191, 2013.
Neuron Perspective by Matthew Chafee

jneurophys2013coverHigh-Performance Execution of Psychophysical Tasks With Complex Visual Stimuli in MATLAB
Asaad W.F., Santhanam N., McClellan S.M., and Freedman D.J.
Journal of Neurophysiology, 109: 249-260, 2013.


frontiers coverVisual Categorization and the Parietal Cortex
Fitzgerald J.K., Swaminathan S.K., and Freedman D.J.
Frontiers in Integrative Neuroscience, 6:18, 2012.


nature_n2Generalized Associative Representations in Parietal Cortex
Fitzgerald J.K., Freedman D.J., and Assad J.A.
Nature Neuroscience, 14: 1075-1079, 2011.


jn2Dynamic Population Coding of Category Information in the Inferior Temporal Cortex and Prefrontal Cortex
Meyers E.M, Freedman D.J., Kreiman G., Miller E.K, and Poggio T.
Journal of Neurophysiology, 100: 1407-1419, 2008.

nmvcNeuronal Mechanisms of Visual Categorization and Category Learning
Freedman D.J.
In: The Neuroscience of Rule-Guided Behavior.
Wallis J.D. and Bunge S. (eds.). Oxford University Press, 2007.

cc1Experience-Dependent Sharpening of Visual Shape Selectivity in Inferior Temporal Cortex
Freedman D.J., Riesenhuber M., Poggio T., and Miller E.K.
Cerebral Cortex, 16: 1631-1644, 2006.

neuron2Posterior Parietal Cortex: Space…and Beyond
Freedman D.J.
Neuron, 42: 881-883, 2004. (Preview)

jn3A Comparison of Primate Prefrontal and Inferior Temporal Cortex During Visual Categorization
Freedman D.J., Riesenhuber M., Poggio T., and Miller E.K.
Journal of Neuroscience, 23: 5235-5246, 2003.

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Miller E.K., Nieder A., Freedman D.J., Wallis J.D.
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Nieder A., Freedman D.J., and Miller E.K.
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scienceCategorical Representation of Visual Stimuli in the Primate Prefrontal Cortex
Freedman D.J., Riesenhuber M., Poggio T., and Miller E.K.
Science, 291: 312-316, 2001.