Alex Medoff

Degree: B.S. candidate, Computer Science Favorite Language: Jazz Email:

Amelia Simonoff

Degree: B.S. candidate, Neuroscience Favorite Language: Russian More about Amelia: Amelia is a Neuroscience major at UChicago, and has been working in Dr. Freedman’s lab since her first quarter. She also plays piano and is often seen performing on campus. She hopes to apply to medical schools in a few years. Email:

Kenneth Latimer, Ph.D.

Degree: Ph.D., Neuroscience Favorite Languages: Julia, MATLAB, C  More about Kenneth: Kenneth develops and applies statistical tools to answer questions about visual processing and decision making in the primate cortex. His work primarily focuses on characterizing spike trains recorded in the lateral intraparietal (LIP) cortex and frontal eye fields (FEF) during categorization tasks. He is interested in understanding how categorical representations …

Samuel David

Degree: B.A., Neuroscience  Favorite Language: Poetry  More about Sam: An original poem about recording from neurons:  I met It  the other day;    Its face was waves  Its voice was rain. Email: 

Matthew James Tilley, Ph.D.

Degree: Ph.D., Particle Physics Favorite Language: Python  More about Matthew: Matthew is interested in developing biologically inspired artificial neural networks to gain both a greater understanding of them and their biological analogues. Before joining the Lab, Matthew completed his PhD investigating decays of B mesons at CERN’s LHCb experiment. Email: 

Matt Rosen

Degree: B.A., Computer Science Favorite Language: Python More about Matt: Interested in the logic of biological computations + in search of the perfect pour-over. Email: